Why Laughter therapy?

As stress levels increase more and more stress relief methods are being offered, but most focus on releasing physical and mental stress. Very few tools effectively target emotional stress as it is especially difficult to release pent up and repressed feelings and emotions.

Laughter therapy quickly releases all types of stress by using body exercises that trigger the release of body and mind stress. It releases suppressed emotions and feelings easily because it is body-oriented rather than a mental process. There is nothing to understand mentally – laughter therapy works on the mind through the body.

There are 3 unique features of laughter therapy

  • Laughter therapy works on both body and mind. Most stress release methods target the mind and body separately, but laughter yoga’s breathing and laughter exercises work on both the body and mind simultaneously.
  • Laughter therapy reduces all three types of stresses at the same time. It harnesses your body’s built-in mechanisms to dramatically reduce physical, mental and emotional stress quickly and effectively.
  • Continuous hard work causes overspend energy without regular recharge and renewal. For example the human body can be compared to a car that runs on a battery. Operating the car consumes electric charge from the battery, but also recharges the battery. If there is an imbalance in the recharging mechanism, the batteries will quickly run flat.

If we exhaust our body energy without sufficient recharging, we soon feel rundown and fatigued and start operating inefficiently. We need a quick recharge mechanism that makes us feel energetic and well balanced. Laughter and breathing exercises are nature’s answer to this problem.

In addition to the above physiological effects of laughter yoga on stress, the practice of laughter therapy provides other benefits that help to release and manage stress.

These include the positive benefits of sharing laughter and happiness with other people, learning new ways to cope with stressful situations, improving communication and interpersonal skills, gaining confidence, increased motivation and creativity and more.

It works quickly to provide a long lasting energy recharge. Other methods of stress release are either time consuming or expensive. Laughter and breathing exercises takes just 10-20 minutes to recharge your body and mind.

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