Hasyam means laughter dose.

A club for people who laugh and cure their diseases by laughing. Doesn’t this sound great? Yes, that’s what we are!

Hasyam is the first laughing club of India, established in 1970. It was registered as a society in 2006. Founded by Shri. R.D. Baheti on October 29th 1970, this club is focusing on making people aware about laughter yoga. Personalities like Baba Ramdev and Jaspal Bhatti have appreciated this club which boosted the member’s morale.

Every year, On the 1st Sunday of May, we organize laughter competitions in all over Rajasthan. After having an experience of almost five decades, now Hasyam is spreading it’s wings outside Rajasthan also. With the growing  network of our laughing clubs in every locality, each club has turned into a small community, where members  experience a sense of belongingness, thus we can say that we are becoming ‘laughing families’.