Laughter Therapy and Stress

In today’s modern world, human being is acting like a machine to achieve some or the other thing. This behaviour has made his working intense and in return gave the credit of tensions, strains, fatigue, physical tiredness etc. which, ultimately leads to stressful life conditions.

These stressful life conditions effect an individual life mentally but physically too. As scientists have broadly classified stress into three distinct categories they are as follows:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • and Emotional.

Physical stress: It comes from continuous and disproportionate strenuous work.

Many people continuously work extra hours without any break to meet deadlines, or to balance income against ever rising expenses. This leads to enormous fatigue and physical tiredness.

Mental stress: It creates a feeling of burnout when under compulsion to achieve goals set by others, or through competing with an individual himself. This type of effort consumes huge amounts of energy and leaves you feeling tired and exhausted.

Very often these goals are set by other people or through social programming rather than by clearly thought out personal choice and needs. The result is that people often lose interest in what would they are doing and they continue doing it simply to help pay the bills, but no longer enjoy their work or gain satisfaction from it.

Emotional stress: It is generally caused by relationship problems at home, at the work place or place of study. This is often compounded by an inability to express pent up emotions and feelings that makes people feel like pressure cookers.

Even highly talented and skilled people cannot perform well if they are emotionally imbalanced and stressed. Relationship problems at home are brought to the workplace or place of study. Emotional stress in the office or college is brought home and can upset family life. Both cases may result in emotional stress and imbalance.

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