We have been doing activities on laughter yoga not only in Jaipur but also in different parts of Rajasthan as a whole. We have experts other than, their field of specialization working for the cause.


The President of Hasyam organisation, C.M. Sharda resides in Jaipur. He has worked as a Journalist in Nav-Bhaarat for 35 years and now after retiring, he works as a freelance journalist and social activist. He feels, “Laughing is jogging of the heart especially for senior citizens, who cannot jog or engage in morning walk. There are many yogic exercises, which help in increasing the intake of air while breathing and this can be achieved equally by laughing. Laughter controls blood pressure and reduces secretion of neuro-en-docrine hormone that tends to increase tension. While we are breaking into peels of laughter, our tensed and contracted muscles get to relax.” Shri. C.M. Sharda is constantly putting efforts to take this small initiative on global platform.

The Secretary of Hasyam Dr. Pooja Sharma, is a yoga expert since many years. She is an active member of this club, who was awarded by ‘Best laughter award’ of Rajasthan in 2015. She believes in making people happy and healthy. It’s her passion which has become a profession now.


We have 20 chapters in all over Rajasthan. Present team comprises of-

  • President : C.M. Sharda
  • Vice President : Dr. Pramod Bansal
  • Treasurer :  Mrs. Lata Korani
  • Secretary : Dr. Pooja Sharma
  • Social Media Strategist : Sonali Agarwal (


Members :

  • Dr. Roop Singh
  • Dr. Hari singh solanki
  • Mrs. Anita Roongta
  • Mrs. Sandhya Purohit
  • Mr. M. Iliyas
  • Mrs. Raksha Dadhich


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