5 benefits of laughter yoga on your health

One of the best moments includes the deep-rooted belly laugh. It can bring people together and establish strong connections too. Laughter is the most powerful antidote to stress and pain. Sometimes, nothing works faster to bring your mind back into balance than a loud laugh. It also helps you in releasing anger and becoming more […]

Laughter Therapy and Stress

In today’s modern world, human being is acting like a machine to achieve some or the other thing. This behaviour has made his working intense and in return gave the credit of tensions, strains, fatigue, physical tiredness etc. which, ultimately leads to stressful life conditions. These stressful life conditions effect an individual life mentally but […]

Why Laughter therapy?

As stress levels increase more and more stress relief methods are being offered, but most focus on releasing physical and mental stress. Very few tools effectively target emotional stress as it is especially difficult to release pent up and repressed feelings and emotions. Laughter therapy quickly releases all types of stress by using body exercises […]