“Hasya Samrat Shri. R.D. Baheti” was born on 24th October,1936 in Golakabass village, Rajgarh town of Alwar district. He was born in the rural area of Rajasthan and thus, it is not erroneous to say that he is a self made personality. At the age of 19, he started his journey as a businessman of petroleum product which eventually lead him to success.


We have been doing activities on laughter yoga not only in Jaipur but also in different parts of Rajasthan as a whole. We have experts other than, their field of specialization working for the cause.   The President of Hasyam organisation, C.M. Sharda resides in Jaipur. He has worked as a Journalist in Nav-Bhaarat for […]

Our Heroes

We organize laughter festival every year. Huge participation from all walks of life is the unique specialty of the festival. Here are the winners and heroes :